May 8, 2019
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Vehicle Maintenance Reminder

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Do you have trouble keeping up when your next oil change or tire rotation needs to be taken care of?  With the Vehicle Maintenance Reminder by Excel Pal, you can keep track of up to 29 vehicles, ATVs or mowers.

Whether you just have 1 car that you maintain or you care for multiple vehicles, you can keep up to date with maintenance easily with the Vehicle Maintenance Reminder spreadsheet.

Get reminders for up to 12 different maintenance items.  You can change the maintenance item descriptions to cover whatever needs you have for your vehicles.  Oil changes, tire rotation, tune ups, fluid checks, inspection, registration, track up to 12 different items of your choice.

Do you need to track maintenance based on a date or mileage?  You can track maintenance by either date, mileage or both with the Vehicle Maintenance Reminder spreadsheet.

(The Pro version does not limit you to 29 vehicles and also includes buttons to add new lines and delete lines.)

-Requires Excel 2007 or Newer
-Macros NOT required

Pro Version: NOW FREE
-Requires Excel 2007 or Newer
-Requires macros to be enabled


Need to customize one of our spreadsheets? Use our contact form and tell us what you need and we will get back to you ASAP and provide you with a quote.

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Comments to Vehicle Maintenance Reminder

  • Im using this vehicle maintenance spreadsheet to keep up with 8 different vehicles that get driven a lot. I like being able to see when a vehicle is in need of maintenance based on both mileage and date. All of the vehicles I monitor need the oil changed based on mileage because they get driven so much, but its also nice to be able to go by date on some items such as fluid checks and things like that.

    Roger T. May 26, 2019 12:10 pm Reply
  • Good spreadsheet for keeping up with oil changes, inspections, registrations…etc. Between my truck, wifes car, 2 kids cars, a tractor and a UTV I can’t seem to always remember what I need to do next. I wont have that problem now

    Don Dee June 5, 2019 9:05 pm Reply
  • A handy vehicle maintenance spreadsheet to use when keeping up with several vehicles and farm equipment. I pull up spreadsheet about once a week to see if its time to change any maintenance items.

    Darrell August 13, 2019 2:09 pm Reply

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